Frequently Asked Questions / T's & C's

QuintCraft Wild Camping Equipment


What are the UK postage rates?

Postage is built into the item cost, so there is no additional postage. What you see is the price you pay.

Which countries do you ship to?

Anywhere in the world. Postage rates apply for outside of the UK

Do you accept returns?

Yes of course. If it arrives in substandard condition, or if I have made a total pigs ear of it, then return it. Then you can choose between replacement or refund.

What’s the minimum order amount?

There is no minimum order amount

Still have questions? Email me and I will answer them!

Terms and Conditions

Carefully Crafted Custom Conditions

  • All items other than Delta Peg Bags are custom made, hence the need for the following conditions of purchase:

  • As soon as payment is made for an item it is not refundable, unless it is faulty when received of course. This includes gift vouchers.

  • In the event of a refund, I will need to receive the item back before I refund you. If the item is faulty then I will of course reimburse you the postage.

  • The majority of items are sent 2nd class Royal Mail. Items lost on route are not my responsibility. Let me know if you would like it sent tracked.

  • I do not start making until payment received.

  • As all items are handmade, measurements are an approximation- though of course I always strive for perfection!

  • Lead times vary with the seasons, let me know BEFORE you order if there are tight timescales as it is unfair to other customers to demand to jump the queue, and I often cannot do it. 

  • Do not send me dirty gear to repair. I cannot let it near my machinery and I will charge you for cleaning and drying before I can start.

  • I only repair smaller backpacking style tents, not campsite palaces.

  • Thread and fabric choices for repairs will be the closest/most appropriate match, it is highly unlikely to be a perfect colour match.

  • Alterations made by me will likely invalidate any manufacturers warranty. Please check and understand that it is your responsibility to be ok with that.

  • Outside UK deliveries can be subject to your local customs and handling charges, I do not pre-pay customs.

  • If you supply me dimensions and then you fit the item and discover it doesn't work at those dimensions, then I cant refund you for your measuring error I'm afraid!

  • Please just email me in the first instance if you are unsure about anything.

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