I designed these to solve the problems of cooling food and discharging batteries when camping in near and sub zero temperatures.


They are made from ripstop silnylon with a double layer of insulation on the sides and the base. They can be rolled down and secured in the usual manner. Reinforced seams for durability.


They are also free standing, meaning you can pop your food pouch inside, add water, seal up, and when done, roll down the top section and eat straight from the pouch. This also reduces rehydration times and keeps your food piping hot while eating AND saves your hands from being scalded trying to hold the pouch! They're also more stable to hold.


When done, you can put your battery packs/phones etc inside and seal up. People who have tested prototypes also popped a handwarmer inside them on the coldest nights, and inversely a cool pack to keep food cold on the hottest days. 


I have red, green or black with a variety of top tape colours. I can also add a cable port in the side should you wish to remotely charge your device. 


They come in two shapes - Landscape or Portrait mode! This is due to there being two main shapes of dehydrated camping meal pouches.... you can see in the attached images which are which. They are both identically constructed.


The Landscape version was made for a friend who used BlaBand meals, whereas the Portrait Mode bags are taller and slimmer for Summit to Eat meals!


Landscape- 25cm x 22cm x 7cm (W x H x D)


Portrait- 21cm x 25cm x 7cm (W x H x D)


Patent pending due to design features.


Click here and here for YouTube reviews from previous happy customers. Many reviews on my facebook page too.



Insulated Food & Electronics Roll Top Bag

Tape Colour
  • Both Landscape and Portrait mods are approx 50g Weight, tiny pack size.

    Silylon bag, grossgrain ribbon, side clip closure are all new materials.

    Wipe clean, leave to air dry.