A bag that turns your headtorch into a tent or bivvy lantern. The only freestanding one I have seen on the market. All my own design.


Exponentially increases chill vibes to your camp, no more blinding your camping pals with your direct head torch beam. The material diffuses and throws the light in all directions, removing that harsh downward glare. It still gives plenty of light to cook and read by.


A great way for photographers to diffuse interior light when taking night shots of your tent.


Free standing, so can be used in coffin tents and bivvy bags with no hang point and for sitting out. The light source is suspended off the base for extra diffusion.


Warm white and bright white versions available depending on your vibe. Packs flat and can be used as a bag to transport other kit. 

Torch Lantern Bag

  • 18g Weight, 5'' cube dimension

    Two hanging points, one long by the drawstring and the other by looping the drawstring through the base loop.

    Free standing

    PU coated ristop

    Only to be used with non heat emitting light sources of course.